Bite Art Collective is a collaborative composed of a shifting group of artists. Current members include: Young An, Stephanie Bartron, Janet Girard, Beatrice Gonzales, Susan Joseph, Jonna Lee, Ann Mitchell, Linda Parnell, Robin Parsons, Regina Rioux, Suzanne Rioux, Laurel Rhoads and Kay Ruane.  


Each project contains artwork that is the culmination of a series of creative steps taken by the artists in the group over the course of several years. Beginning with a theme, each artist creates a "base" and the piece then moves from artist to artist, developing its own aesthetic character over time with each artist. 

Exhibition & Publication

At the end of each project the group creates both an exhibition and publication. The publication includes a picture timeline that shows each stage of the collaboration and each artist's initial inspiration for her "base" artwork. 

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